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'La Serena' is a musical storytelling program by the duo 'La Serena' of the same name and takes the audience on an exciting musical journey through time. A journey from Spain along the Mediterranean to the Ottoman Empire. A real program for adventurous people who stay at home, who in their mind and heart want to travel along the Mediterranean Sea.
The fairy tale tells of the beautiful Agnes and her fateful life, where nothing is as it seems and reality and dream seem to be intertwined.
The narration is enriched with colorful Sephardic music, interspersed with musical sounds from many Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece and Turkey.
Lucette van den Berg (vocals) and Annedee Jaeger (guitar) have made arrangements for these songs with influences from classical, flamenco, Jewish and Arabic music.
La Serena consists of two musicians, who want to share their common love for Sephardic music with the public.