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La Serena – Sephardic Songs


Het eerste album van Duo “La Serena” met Sefardische liederen.


We are very proud of our debut CD, with Sephardic songs from around the Mediterranean.
On this CD we take you on an exciting musical journey through the different countries of the Ottoman Empire, from Spain to Turkey. The music comes from different periods and musical traditions and has been arranged by us in a contemporary way. Jewish music mixes with classical, Arabic and even flamenco sounds. A CD full of warmth and adventure, for music lovers who want to travel with mind and heart.

1. La Serena
2. Avrix mi galanica
3. Durme, durme
4. Hija mia mi querida
5. Por la tu puerta yo pasi
6. Yo m’enamori d’un aire
7. Morenica
8. Camini por altas torres
9. El rey de Francia
10. Cuando el rey Nimrod
11. Come la rose en la guerta
12. La rose enflorece
13. A la nana
14. Mi corzazón
15. Adio querida