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Lucette van den Berg

Lucette van den Berg started her studies in classical singing at the age of18 at the conservatory of Zwolle. After her studies she was coached by Cora Canne Meijer and Kevin Smith. In 1996 she won second place at the Euregio Vocalist Competition and devoted herself to song recitals, with pianist Gerard van Reenen and oratorio, while in her study she began to sing Yiddish and Jewish music for her own pleasure.
Gradually, her interest in this music grew and she specialized in the Yiddish language and music. She attended master classes with specialists in this field in Weimar. This resulted in six CDs, in which she sang the music, and also arranged and later composed the songs.
Her first CD Zing shtil / Yiddish songs was received with great enthusiasm in national and international reviews.
For her 3rd CD "Friling", with previously unreleased music by Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, she received a third prize in the JPF Song Award 2009 for her arrangements. In 2020 the EP "Afile" in which she collaborates with Alan Bern was nominated for the "Independent Music Award" in the category "Best EP world music.
Her seventh CD, with Sephardic repertoire, which she made in collaboration with Annedee Jaeger (guitar), will be released in 2022.
Lucette developed her own style, which is a mix between cabaret and 'art song'.

Over the years, several composers, like Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Alan Bern (Brave Old World), Mikhoel Felsenbaum and Peter Schön nieuw repertoire voor haar geschreven. Daarnaast schrijft Lucette ook eigen composities voor solostem en voor koor.

Lucette worked on special projects, including:
In 2008 she played together with The Klezmer Society, the 'Glikl' program. In 2017 a Yiddish/Frisian program, 'Vos iz gegeblibn', with poet Tsead Bruinja. Lucette sang during the official opening of LF2018 where she added a Yiddish component. In 2018, a project with Arab and Jewish musicians, 'Karwansera'.
In 2018, Van den Berg was 'Ambassador of Peace' for the province of Friesland.
In 2018-2019 she participated in the international project ‘As she sings’. In 2019 she sang her solo program 'Suvenir' and in 2020 she acted in the play ‘De Joodse Bruiloft’ onder regie van Sylvia Andringa (de Jonge Republiek).

Van den Berg has contributed to many radio and television recordings, including for the NPO, WDR (Germany), KRO and AVRO and the Jewish Broadcaster. She has performed at many festivals and stages in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Moldova, Israel and North America.