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Annedee Jaeger

Annedee Jaeger studied classical guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Theo Krumeich. She completed her education there in 1996. At the same conservatory she took the electric guitar minor with Hans Kunneman and flamenco guitar with Eric Vaarzon Morel. In addition, she practiced flamenco until 2004 under the direction of Ricardo-Mendeville. During her studies she did a masterclass with the guitarist Gilardino and took a flamenco course in Cordoba under the direction of Paco Peña. 

Since 1993, Annedee Jaeger has been active as a performing musician. It all started with the classical guitar trio Idéfix. Since then she has taken part in various ensembles and projects (such as playing the Douwe Egberts Grand-Arome commercial) in which she has continued to follow the path of the classical repertoire. From 1998 she formed the Duo Toccante with the baritone Ragnar van Linden van den Heuvell . This mainly focused on the Spanish repertoire with songs by Manuel de Falla and Garcia Lorca. Two years later she also formed a duo with Gerrie Jonker (bassoon and flute), specializing in both the Baroque period and contemporary music (with repertoire from Vivaldi to Mitéran). They gave several performances with the guitar trio consisting of Iris Tjong Kim Sang and Ferry van der Klaauw . The trio followed a masterclass with the famous British guitarist John Mills. 

In 2006 she started duo Artica with Bauwien van der Meer (soprano), soon she took her 2nd cd on. After a while they had the idea to start a project with a different instrument every season. The first was with flutist Mariëlle Hutten and the following season with cellist Joris van Haaften. This combination of vocals, cello and guitar proved to be a great success, partly due to the time chosen, namely the interwar period. This was also a combination that did not yet exist, so she arranged everything herself for this trio. The search for a different instrument every year stopped and became het Eisler trio established with which she performs frequently. The most notable was during the world's largest "Gothic Festival" in Leipzig. In the Eisler Mitteilungen it was noted that they convinced with their interpretation of the music of the German interwar composer.   

With the release of their second CD In Diesem Lande und in dieser Zeit was Annedee Jaeger praised in the Radio 4 program for the clever arrangements, and for her guitar playing, which gave the music of Eisler  a certain added value, according to the panel members. Both CDs by this trio received several positive reviews in the national press, including Elsevier noted that the combination of world history through music was an absolute discovery. Meanwhile, Annedee Jaeger has five CDs to her name. Her sixth CD, in collaboration with Lucette van den Berg, will be released in 2022. 

In addition to being a performing musician, Annedee Jaeger is a teacher at the music collective Fulco de Minstreel in IJsselstein and she gives private guitar lessons at home in Utrecht.