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Recensie Nederlands Dagblad

Roel Sikkema schrijft in het Nederlands Dagblad van 11 maart 2022 een prachtige recensie over onze nieuwe CD La Serena , Sephardic songs.

NRC review of La Serena, Sephardic Songs (4 out of 5)

Joost Galema writes: “The closing stanza from 'La Serena', the mermaid, perfectly sums up the atmosphere of the album: “If the sea were made of milk, I would be a fisherman. I would fish out my pain with words of love.” Van den Berg and Jaeger beautifully express the desire that is caught between the unattainable horizons of the past and the future.”

Concertzender with La Serena

In her program of January 28, 2022, Pauline Verburg paid attention to our new CD and we played a few songs in her program and spoke with her.